Murder, now and then

Murder, now and then is a murder mystery with a sense on history set in the heart of Bedfordshire in 2019 with flashbacks to an original unsolved murder in 1919. A young Jersey girl, in the Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps, based at Haynes Park camp during and after the Great War, was murdered.

One hundred years later at a farmhouse close by, Joanna an unconventional farmer's wife, is accused of murdering her husband. As the police struggle to find any motive or murder weapon, some are compelled to believe that the two murders are linked, uncovering several unlikely suspects, none of whom have convincing alibis.The tale turns decidedly sinister as the two murders are increasingly entwined.

Diana explains, 'There are two covers for Murder, now and then, one for the Kindle version and one for the paperback. The reason for this is explained on my blog