From Redundancy to Rejuvenation

From Redundancy to Rejuvenation ~ A Writer's Walk Along The Fife Coastal Path

Diana likes to think that serendipity shone on them as she was offered redundancy at the same time as her husband was asked to consider relocating his work to Fife. This is Diana's story as she walks along the Fife Coastal Path. First she 'meets' St Margaret in the cave under the car-park in Dunfermline. She is sent on a pilgrimage from North Queensferry to St Andrews and along the way she 'meets' some equally compelling characters - all of whom teach Diana something about herself. 

This is a moving and yet inspirational book which would appeal to anyone who is searching for answers in life; those who love to explore beautiful places or folks who enjoy learning about history and how it shapes the people we are today. Authors would also share empathy with Diana and would, I feel, be inspired by her. Enjoy!

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First five star review on by Karen Dahood

"A coastal walk in County Fife,across the Forth from Edinburgh, can be a challenge, all the more so if you are trying to see the path into your own future. Diana Jackson's latest book, classified as "memoir, travel, fantasy, history" for marketing purposes, also could find a home on the "inspirational," "self-help," and "writing" shelves. Her teaching career in Bedfordshire, southern England, came to an abrupt halt when a chance to retire coincided with an assignment for her scientist husband in Scotland. It was an opportunity for her to take a deep breath -- which she would need to fulfill her goal of walking sixty miles from Queensferry to St. Andrews. She didn't do it all at once, but in pieces, often with her husband in tow. I say "in tow" because he wasn't on the same quest, just provided the place and his support. Often she wandered off in her imagination, leaving him on a bench while she explored caves and climbed sea cliffs, striking up fascinating conversations with mysterious figures from history, from coal miner to king. Her visits to real citizens, and the information she imparts concerning the best tea shops, scones,and fish and chips is enough to send curious readers in that direction, but the value added is in her musing, most notably among hooded monks who appear as her guides within hearing distance of the pop of a golf ball on an iron."